Commercial Litigation
Prepared attorneys to settle your disputes
At Tim Broadt & Associates, we protect your rights in civil litigation cases. These kinds of cases involve disputes of private or public law issues between individuals, businesses, or non-profit organizations.

Each case is unique and requires its own strategy. We pride ourselves in how we thoroughly prepare for your case. It is our first intent to settle your matter out of court. If those efforts are not successful, our experienced trial attorneys are ready to provide you with the most aggressive trial litigation possible.

The kinds of civil litigation cases we handle include the following:

  • Shareholder suits
    • We understand the issues that create tension among shareholders. We can help you resolve shareholder disputes.
  • Collection cases
    • We handle collection cases against individuals and businesses. We work with you to see how we can best resolve your collections legal matters.
  • Tax assessment appeals
    • An assessment appeal is the due process a taxpayer may initiate if the assessed value of his or her property cannot be agreed upon with the county assessor. The assessment appeal process provides for the fairness of the assessment of a property's value.
  • Title contests
    • You will need skilled representation in these disputes especially when there is uncertainty as to title in a given asset as between a decedent's estate and a trust.

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